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Effective Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Rethink your food storage - instead of using plastic baggies, plastic wrap and plastic storage containers, try opting for a bento box or tiffin. Instead of using plastic zipper bags or wrapping things in Saran wrap, use jars or glass containers. Take a cloth bag when you go shopping If you have a good life hack, leave us a voicemail at 202-216-9823, or email us at Your tip could appear in an upcoming episode. If you love Life Kit and want more, subscribe to.

Drink out of a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic version. That way you won't be buying one of the nearly one million plastic drink bottles sold every minute around the world. Make a. Since plastic isn't biodegradable, the only ways to get rid of it is to let it sit in landfills — where it heats up and breaks down into microplastics, polluting the air and water — or to burn.

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1. Wean yourself off disposable plastics. Ninety percent of the plastic items in our daily lives are used once and then chucked: grocery bags, plastic wrap, disposable cutlery, straws,.

1. Switch to Shampoo Bars Plastic shampoo bottles are often overlooked as a recyclable item. In fact only 1 in 5 people recycle any bathroom items on a regular basis. That means we are creating a lot of unnecessary waste because we are more focused on recycling items in the kitchen.

An Algramō mobile refill station in Chile—like in Indonesia, customers can top-up with Unilever products. Photograph courtesy of Unilever. 3. Redesigning packaging. Of all the plastic waste.

1. Reduce Your Use of Single-Use Plastics Wherever you live, the easiest and most direct way that you can get started is by reducing your own use of single-use plastics.

Innovations that are fighting plastic pollution. Learn more about the eight innovators that are making an impact on the ground to fight plastic pollution: Siklus is reinventing the future of retail in Indonesia by delivering refills of everyday needs to people's doors - without plastic waste. They offer an alternative by replacing low value.

Single-use plastics can feel like they're everywhere, and sometimes they are unavoidable. At the same time, by being conscious of my plastic footprint and intentionally practicing habits that reduce my plastic waste, I am taking small steps to reduce plastic use and sharing my values through my actions. Some habits are things that everyone.

Policy shifts can reduce plastic pollution by incentivizing changes in both business and consumer behavior, as well as in plastic design, alternatives and recycling. Here are four policy and legal approaches from UNEP and WRI's guide that countries can use to reduce their plastic waste permanently: 1. Single-use Plastic Bans

Experts say the number-one way to reduce plastic waste is to cut back on the amount we use in our daily lives. Why should you cut back? Reducing plastic doesn't only help the environment —.

Take this one step further, by providing reusable drink cannisters for employees, to remove the need for plastic cups or bottles and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability within your team. Build on the elimination of plastic cups and straws, considering how you can reduce reliance on all single-use takeaway items.

Avoid tea bags and use a tea strainer. Plastic tea bags can release about 11 billion microplastics into a single cup of tea! Even paper teabags contain a small amount of polypropylene, which makes them non-recyclable and non-compostable. Buying loose tea in bulk and using a tea infuser or strainer is a zero-waste way to enjoy a cup!

16 Use a Bamboo Toothbrush. Image Source: Pick a bamboo toothbrush over a typical plastic one to consciously reduce environmental harm while still keeping your pearly whites shiny and.

1. Carry a reusable bottle In the UK we use over 35 million plastic bottles every day! Carrying a reusable bottle is a great way to cut your plastic use and save money too! There's even an app that tells you where you can refill your bottle for free! 2. Say no to plastic straws Plastic straws are bad news for our oceans.

Would you listen, or would you keep scrolling? In this article, we're going to break down some easy ways you can use less plastic. We're sharing some of our favorite eco-friendly products, insider tips, and ways you can use what you already have at home to lessen your impact. But what about recycling?

In fact, in 2021 Europe will ban the sale of single-use plastics such as drinking straws, cutlery or cotton buds within its borders. To put the magnitude of the problem into context, let's review some objective data: Every year, 500 billion plastic bottles are produced worldwide. *

The good news is that PG Tips are now biodegradable while Co-op's Fairtrade bags will be by the end of the year, and other brands are becoming more eco-friendly. Alternatively, switch from bags to loose tea and use a tea infuser or teapot or buy your own fabric bags to fill to reduce your plastic waste. 15. Scoop poop without harming the planet

1. Shift your mindset There are ways everyone can reduce their plastic waste. It just takes thinking ahead. Of course, one person consuming less plastic won't make a difference, but this.

Here are five ways that you can help beat plastic pollution: Need a caffeine hit? In Australia, 2.7 million coffee cups are thrown away every single day, so avoid single-use coffee cups and lids which have limited recycling options. Instead, opt for a reusable coffee cup made from stainless steel, coffee waste husk, glass, bamboo or silicone.

Drink Your Coffee From a Reusable Cup. Avoid Bottled Water. Steer Clear of Plastic Straws (If You're Able) Switch to Plastic-Free Chewing Gum. Shop at a Farmers Market. Swap Out Bottles for Bars. Avoid Buying Clothes Made With Plastic. Compost Food Waste. Stop Smoking — or At Least Use a Refillable Lighter.

One of the best ways to start your plastic free journey is to completely avoid single-use plastic. We should all try to avoid using plastic cutlery and water bottles made of throw-away plastic. By taking these simple steps, we can reduce plastic pollution and avoid causing irreparable harm to the environment.

5. Hold the straw with your next drink. The U.S. gets through a whopping half a billion plastic straws each and every day.As a result, our once pristine beaches are littered with them. The good.

Not only are these ingredients from the earth but they will not bring harm back to the earth either. 5. Make Your Period Plastic-Free. Give sea-sponge tampons, period-proof underwear or reusable cups a try. Ladies, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately we are part of the plastic crisis.

16. Line your garbage bins with paper bags or biodegradable trash bags instead of buying plastic trash bags. Earn extra eco-points by starting a compost heap for your organic waste. 17. For condiments such as ketchup, mustard and salad dressing, choose varieties that come in glass jars instead of squeeze bottles. 18.

Countries are negotiating a new global treaty to drastically reduce the plastic waste that has been poisoning the world. The deal could restrict single-use plastics, like bags and cups, and help.

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